Terms and Conditions
  • Upon submission of my search request to NameFromPhone, I "Customer" understand, acknowledge and agree that I have retained the services of NameFromPhone, hereinafter "NameFromPhone" for the purpose of fulfilling my request for the applicable fee. I do hereby guarantee to NameFromPhone, that I have submitted my valid credit card information in order to pay such fee, or will immediately mail such payment in full to the office of NameFromPhone if I have been approved for billing terms. I understand that NameFromPhone will conduct my search immediately upon their receipt of my valid credit card information or a check or money order for the applicable fee.
  • NameFromPhone does hereby guarantee that they will successfully locate data for the search I am seeking within 30 days (Most searches only take 1 - 3 business days). Should NameFromPhone fail to provide data for the information I am seeking, NameFromPhone will promptly upon request, refund payment to my credit card and/or refund payment via first class mail if by check. I understand that NameFromPhone will not disclose contact data to me until I have paid the applicable fee to NameFromPhone. NameFromPhone further guarantees that they will refund my applicable fee within 30 days based upon the No Information No Charge policy for applicable searches. Should a search return data that is later to be found inaccurate, Customer understands that NameFromPhone at its sole cost and discretion will recheck the search, however, customer must provide proof to NameFromPhone that they have made a diligent attempt to utilize original information provided. This proof must be submitted to NameFromPhone within 30 days after data is provided, and must include returned first class mail which was properly mailed to the address(es) provided (for searches where an address was provided), and a written account of what took place during attempts to any and all telephone numbers provided.
  • For the purpose of this agreement, data is defined as any address, phone number, DMV information, and/or Social Security Number information provided to me by NameFromPhone, which will allow me direct or indirect (through a third party) contact with the party sought if so intended. Cellular and Land line Call record investigations are conducted and performed by an outside independent 3rd party investigator. NameFromPhone cannot and does not make any guarantee as to the results of any search if I have failed to provide accurate information, or I am not able to provide either an accurate first and last name, or an accurate first name and date of birth if requested for the sought information, or I have provided multiple spelling possibilities of a party's last name. NameFromPhone cannot conduct any search on a guaranteed basis if I have provided inaccurate, false, erroneous information, or if my search request involves any individual or "missing person" who is believed to be, or suspected to be homeless, institutionalized, incarcerated or deceased, or is suspected to have changed their identity, or has been known to use or is suspected to be using more than one identity and/or Social Security number, or have intentionally fled from an abusive relationship or to avoid possible criminal prosecution, or are fugitives from the law.
  • I understand that I WILL BE CHARGED if the data I am seeking involves a person or persons with a common name (or is a JR. or Sr.) and I AM NOT able to provide AT LEAST one of the following pieces of information: a) an accurate date of birth; b) an accurate social security number; c) a recent residence address (within the past 10 years); d) vehicle license plate number within the past 10 years or; e) accurate name of spouse.
  • I also do hereby faithfully pledge, that my desire to locate the data or individual described above in no way involves any intention on my part to harm, to cause harm, to harass, to stalk (as described by applicable laws), or to otherwise take any illegal action against them. Should I become suspect to any illegal action against the party described above, I do hereby give my full consent to NameFromPhone to disclose any and all information about me, and about this transaction to the proper authorities.
  • I do hereby agree that information obtained through NameFromPhone will only be used for the purpose of: 1) a commonly recognized business use whereby the business for which you seek the information has a preexisting business relationship with the subject of the inquiry; or 2) a use which will clearly cause no emotional, physical or financial harm to any person or company, organization or third party which is subject to the inquiry; or 3) a use that is relevant to the subject matter of a documented civil or criminal action.
  • I agree to use the data obtained from NameFromPhone for fair, ethical, legal and moral purposes only. Use of the information obtained from NameFromPhone in the course of or planning of stalking, identity theft or fraud is explicitly prohibited and will immediately be reported to the proper authorities.
  • You, the customer agree to indemnify NameFromPhone and its suppliers, employees and officers for all damages, claims, or losses suffered by NameFromPhone as a result of possible claims by third parties relating to use of the data provided by NameFromPhone. NameFromPhone promotes only responsible use of the information that we provide. Therefore we state to you the viewer or user that: "Data obtained from NameFromPhone should not be used in part or in whole to determine a consumer's eligibility for credit, employment, insurance or any other purpose for which a consumer report would be obtained. If adverse action is to be taken against the consumer data subject and the information to be used has been obtained from NameFromPhone, it must be verified from another source prior to adverse action."
  • NameFromPhone shall be indemnified from any and all claims and consequences arising out of; found or not found information. Likewise, you attest that you have not misrepresented yourself, your company, organization or your purpose for viewing our website or for ordering searches from such. You understand that misrepresentation in this agreement may results in civil and criminal action against you and your organization, employees and affiliates. Customer is hereby notified that data from NameFromPhone is developed using standard methods including public records, and third-party information sources. NameFromPhone shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages of any type. We reserve the right to refuse any client or any specific requests at any time and cooperate with law enforcement officials when misuse of information is suspected. Please direct all questions or comments to our support department or view our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Buyer assumes all related legal liability, and by ordering from NameFromPhone consents to waive all claims against NameFromPhone resulting from searches. Customer agrees to hold NameFromPhone, its officers, employees, and vendors harmless, and to indemnify NameFromPhone from any and all claims that may result from customer/buyer's request.
  • Buyer/Customer warrants that requested searches are legal and proper in his/her jurisdiction, as well as that of subjects jurisdiction, and complies with all applicable laws (local and state) and Buyer bears full legal costs in event of suit, and further will hold all information strictly confidential. All information obtained through NameFromPhone is to be used in the course of applicable FCRA approved purposes.
  • No refunds, exchanges, or credit will be given to any customer unless NameFromPhone fails to provide information on a legitimate and accurate request, in accordance with this agreement. Customer/viewer/buyer is solely responsible for accurately filling out order form and selecting appropriate search request. NameFromPhone cannot be held responsible for typos or mistakes given in the ordering information entered by customer. Because all orders are processed immediately, no cancellations allowed or accepted once an order has been submitted.
  • Client/Buyer/Viewer agrees that visitation to any NameFromPhone website or placing of a search request is not for the purpose of entrapment, a sting operation, or pursuit of NameFromPhone, its employees, vendors, clients, affiliates nor officers. Search discrepancies must be reported within 30 days. All unpaid fees subject to 20% interest from date of invoice, and buyer consents to suit in jurisdiction of NameFromPhone's choice. Buyer understands that returned checks and disputed credit card transactions for valid searches will be charged an additional $25.00 fee.
  • The Client/Buyer Viewer certifies that the search is being made in accordance with one of the following legally permissible purposes: Locating Missing Person, Child Support Enforcement, Collections, Skip Tracing, People Locator Service, Locating Alumni, Other Legal, Normal Business Use, Judgment On Subject, Apprehending Criminals, Law Firm - Fiduciary Interest, Legal Process Service, Legal Research, Employment Verification, Finding Owners of Unclaimed Goods, Fraud and Loss Prevention, Government Agency, Insurance Claims Investigations, Investigation of Civil Litigation, Journalistic Endeavors, Locating Pension Fund Beneficiaries, Necessary to Complete Transaction, Permission from Subject, Product Recalls, Resolve Customer Disputes, Search On Myself (person ordering search), To Give to a Court of Law, Witness and Victim Locating, Asset Identification, Court Related, Law Enforcement, Licensed P. I., Locate Former Patients (Medical Industry Only), Locating Beneficiaries and Heirs, Locating Existing Customers, Locating Former Customers, Locating Former Employees or Locating Fraud Victims.
  • The Client/Buyer/Viewer agrees that the use of any information provided in relation to any request will fully comply with the Identify Theft Assumption and Deterrence Act of 1998 and any other acts, regulations, laws and orders that control and regulate the use of an individual's personal information.
  • Buyer hereby fully acknowledges, agrees and gives consent to all terms and conditions as amended by NameFromPhone from time to time. All listed turn around times are an average, and apply only to business days. No guarantee to "turn around" times is expressed or implied. Some searches can take up to 30 days.
  • Terms and Conditions - By submitting this request, I am certifying that:
    The information I am applying to receive and the documents, if any, which may be sent to me are intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed. They contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law, and contain proprietary business procedures and trade secrets. I agree not to disclose the information to any other person or third party without the express prior written consent of NameFromPhone.
  • Although service fees change from time to time, your fee for the requested service is guaranteed upon submission of your request
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